Manage your Suppliers

With PONTO you can cut the clutter and work with your trusted suppliers.

Easy shop

Review products from supplier of your choice and shop directly.

Subscriptions & Discounts

Place single or multiple orders for multiple products to be delivered on multiple days. Make your own ‘subscription.’
Many times early order gets you big discounts!

Simple & Secure Payments

Pay conveniently via certified payment gateway.

Our References

"In my business of serving healthy food, fresh and on-time delivery are key factors. PONTO enables me to service my customers better.
With PONTO I receive early orders, helping me reduce costs and pass the benefits as discounts."

Hello Consumer,

Perhaps you are here because one of your trusted local sellers told you to. No? Then try the app by adding seller with code BAKJUN or get in touch

Hello Seller,

Operating your own business? Get on PONTO and get yourself digitally organized. Make it easy for your customers to order and boost sales.

Local Commerce

We organize your eco-system. PONTO is not a marketplace. And there is no discovery. We are digital enablers!